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What is FTTR, which is So Popular among Operators?

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(Last Updated On: May 2, 2023)

In the past year, more and more people have paid attention to and discussed the FTTR of operators. Today, let’s popularize science. What are FTTR and its advantages?

FTTR, the full name Fiber to The Room, is a new coverage mode for home networks in the Gigabit era. The layout is extended to each room so that each room can reach the speed of a Gigabit fiber optic network and realize a new networking solution of Wi-Fi6 Gigabit full coverage of the whole house.


What are the advantages of FTTR?

The traditional networking solution uses a single optical modem and router. The network cable only goes to the weak current box and the living room. The Wi-Fi coverage area is limited, and the transmission rate of the network cable is limited, which cannot meet the bandwidth requirements. In addition, after passing through the wall, the signal and network speed are low. The attenuation is serious, and the Wi-Fi high-speed network coverage of the whole home cannot be achieved.

The FTTR whole-house smart Gigabit optical fiber adopts a 1-to-N mode. No matter in the corridor or the room, all fiber optic connections are used, with strong transmission capacity, higher transmission rate, and longer network cable life. It can support 10 Gigabit uplink, dynamic showcasing a wide technical signal. The ability to penetrate walls is stronger, reducing signal attenuation, allowing optical fibers to be laid to every room, realizing real whole-house Wi-Fi6, Gigabit coverage without blind spots, allowing everyone in the family to enjoy Wi-Fi6 at every location in the home the best Internet experience brought by Gigabit optical band.


In addition to the advantages of fast gigabit fiber optic network speed and no dead ends in the whole house, it can also support 256 terminal device connections, which is 8 times the maximum number of connections in traditional networks (the maximum number of connections in traditional networks is 8-10 units). It can effectively guarantee the network use of the house’s computers, TVs, mobile phones, tablets, VR, and other smart terminals.

In addition, in the traditional wiring process, the problem of unsightly wiring can be easily avoided after updating to FTTR whole-house Gigabit optical fiber. It is compatible with obvious hidden line networking, and the wiring is more beautiful. It does not damage the decoration style and blends with the home environment. At the same time, FTTR gigabit optical fiber is especially suitable for apartment types, such as large flats and villas over 100 square meters.

If the gigabit optical network is compared to a highway, FTTH repairs the road to the house door, while FTTR repairs the road to every room in the house, providing low latency, multi-connection, ultra-high-speed, etc. Features meet high-quality network requirements.

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