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The Way to Get MTP Connector

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(Last Updated On: April 24, 2023)

MTP Connectors are widely used in high-density network applications such as data centers, broadcast communications, and industrial control applications. Since its launch, the network cabling scheme has been widely welcomed in 40G/100G/400G high-speed network cabling. How much do you know about this special high-performance and high-density cabling solution? This article will focus on the MTP connector, and its related information is comprehensively introduced.

MPO Connector

What is MTP Connector?

MTP is the acronym for multi-fiber terminal push and the standard termination end of the multi-fiber cable. It supports all practical purposes, and each connector can have up to 24 fibers. In attenuation and reflection, the MTP optical fiber connector is an improved proprietary version of the standard MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) connector. Still, it uses the same shape factor and multiple push-pull coupling types (SNAP). The MTP connector was developed by US Conec, which improved the overall performance by implementing structural improvements and higher-quality materials.

MTP Connectors can provide a fast connection for up to 72 core optical fibers, among which 8-core optical fiber, 12-core optical fiber, and 24-core optical fiber are the most common types. These MTP connectors can be connected to different fiber optic cables to become MTP trunk cables, such as 24-core MTP To MTP trunk cables or MTP – LC harnesses cables, which can be used to connect to fiber distribution boxes via adapters.

What Are MTP Male Connectors and Female Connectors?

The critical difference between the male and female versions of the connectors is the presence of pins. The pin part is divided into two forms: male and female. The male connector has two pins, while the female connector does not. The connection between MTP connectors is precisely aligned through pins; the two MTP connectors must be male and female.

MTP Connector Characteristics

  1. The MTP connector housing is removable.
  • Re-work and re-polish the MT ferrule to ensure over-live performance.
  • The gender can be changed after assembly or even in the field, giving flexibility at the point of use.
  • The ferrule is scanned interferometrically after assembly.
  1. The MTP connector offers ferrule float to improve mechanical performance. This allows two mated ferruled to maintain physical contact under an applied load.
  2. The MTP connector uses tightly held tolerance stainless steel elliptical guide pin tips. The elliptical-shaped guide pin tips improve guidance and reduce guide hole wear.
  3. The MTP connector has a metal pin clamp with features for centering the push spring. This feature:
  • Eliminate lost pins
  • Centers the spring force
  • Eliminate fiber damage from the spring mechanism
  1. To prevent fiber damage, the MTP connector spring design maximizes ribbon clearance for twelve fiber and multi-fiber ribbon applications.
  2. The MTP connector is offered with four standard variations of strain relief boot, giving more flexibility over the cable used.
  • A round loose fiber cable construction
  • Oval Jacketed Cable
  • Bare Ribbon Fiber
  • Short boot, which reduces the footprint by 45%. Ideal for use in space-limited applications.

MTP Elite Connectors- Lower Loss and Higher Performance

When MTP optical fiber connector develops with the new requirements of stable connection and high network performance, the MTP Elite connector comes into being. Compared with standard MTP and traditional MPO connectors, MTP Elite connectors are manufactured under stricter and higher quality standards. The insertion loss of MTP Elite connectors is lower than that of conventional connectors.

MTP Connector FAQ

1, What is MT Ferrule?

MT is the abbreviation of Mechanically Transferable. MT ferrule is a multi-core plastic ferrule with a square end face of 6.4×2.5mm and a fiber spacing of 0.25mm, widely used in MPO/MTP connectors. Unlike the pins used in other fiber optic connectors, MPO/MTP, the MT insert used in the connector is made of a monolithic, high-precision glass-filled polymer instead of traditional ceramic materials. It can realize high-density and high-precision connections of multiple optical fibers, and each optical fiber has low-loss performance.

2, MTP Polarity and How to Maintain It?

Polarity is high-density MTP. A fundamental problem in the cabling system is to describe how the transmitter at one end of the fiber patch cord correctly matches the receiver at the other end. The transmission process is expected only when the connector’s polarity is correctly connected. At MTP In the system, pin (male/female), direction (Key Up/ Key Up or Key Up/ Key Down), and end face alignment (straight line or tilt) will all affect MTP Polarity has an effect. The system polarity configuration methods approved by the TIA-568 standard include Type A, Type B, and Type C, which can be used for different MTP trunk optical fiber patch cords.

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3, How to Clean MTP Connectors?

Optical fiber cleaning must be performed during the manufacture of optical fiber connectors or the use of optical fiber connectors, the same as MTP connectors. The cleaning process of the MTP connector always goes through three stages: inspection, cleaning, and reinspection. Fiber optic microscope correctly to check and ensure that both mating connectors are free of dust because once one is contaminated, the dust will migrate to the other. Use MTP connectors. The cleaning tool cleans the End face until the contamination is removed.

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MTP Connector and MTP The cabling system provides simple and reliable optical fiber cabling solutions. With the deployment of 5G ultra-density network construction and the development of cloud and Internet of Things technology, the demand for efficient data transmission continues to grow in today’s communication era. MTP is an effective and future-oriented solution, and its supporting components will flourish in many network applications.

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