How to Make High-Quality Fiber Optic Patch Cord? – Cable Cutting

Cable Cutting
(Last Updated On: September 21, 2023)

The production process of fiber optic patch cords is more complicated than that of various fiber optic patch cord production machines and tools. Many customers need help to use them well after buying all the necessary production tools, and the products they produce at first always have quality problems. To help you better, HOLIGHT now sorts out and shares the entire production process of optical fiber patch cords, hoping it will help you.

Because there is a lot of content, we will explain each vital procedure separately. This article will mainly share the first step of the fiber patch cord – Cable Cutting.

Prepare Tools and Consumables: Automatic Cable Cutting Machine, Scissors, Tape Measure, Cable Ties, Tape



1)First check the optical cable according to the requirements on order; then measure the length LCM required on order plus the reserved length bCM to start cutting;

2) The length of the cutting cable is reserved according to the following requirements, and the error shall not exceed 3CM;

The reserved length of the pigtail of ø0.9mm is 5CM. If the ends are added on both sides, it is 10CM;

All fiber patch cords below 0.5 meters (including 0.5 meters) reserve 5CM;
10CM is reserved for all fiber patch cords from 0.5m to 20m;
15CM is reserved for fiber patch cords above 20 meters (including 20 meters) and below 50 meters;
20CM is reserved for all fiber patch cords from 50 meters (including 50 meters) to 100 meters;

3) Pigtail orders of 5 meters or less are required to be cut into fiber patch cords; More than 5 meters are directly cut into pigtails;

4) Roll the cut optical cable into a circle of 18±2CM, place a distance of 48±2CM on both sides, and then fix it with a binding wire in the middle, requiring that the binding wire can slide gently on the optical cable;

Cable Cutting 01

5) Print the process card according to the length and quantity on order, and then bind the process card to the corresponding optical cable; (the process card and the number of lines must be consistent).

Management Focus

1) The quantity and length of the process card and the cutting length must be accurate (determined with the quality department in time);
2) The optical cable cannot be misused (determined with the quality department in time);
3) When coiling, the printed side of the cable faces outward, and the optical cable cannot be damaged when ordering the process card;
4) For those below 5 meters, it is required to wind the tie wire on it, and the tie wire should not be too tight.


  1. Install the required optical cable model on the transmission shaft of the cutting machine, and tighten the metal wheel.
  1. Turn on the transmission power switch of the cable-cutting machine and the console power switch.
Cable Cutting 02
  1. Wind the optical cable in an orderly manner according to the slot on the wheel, and then insert it into the channel of the cutting machine until the optical cable emerges from it.
  2. Open the work page, click the manual setting item, click the pressure wheel test, and press the optical cable.
Cable Cutting 03


1. Note that the optical cable port should be above the wheel. When cutting the double-core optical cable, please pay attention to the direction of the cable printing, and ensure that the printing on the reeled optical cable faces outward.
2. With the transmission direction switch facing up, select the positive direction of “obverse feed,” which corresponds to the winding side of the optical cable.
3. After the winding is completed, gently press the optical cable with the iron wire when inserting it into the channel of the cable-cutting machine.



1. Enter the working interface, click “Prepare to unload the cable,” and then click “Automatic” of the cutting switch, take out a small section of the cut optical cable, and close the cable branch cover.

Cable Cutting 111
  1. Set the length and quantity of the optical cable on the operation interface. Note that the unit of length is MM. Set the transmission speed of the optical cable. The automatic cable-cutting machine fiber patch cord’s reserved length is 10cm, and the pigtail is uniformly reserved for 7cm.
  2. After cutting the second optical cable, measure the actual length with a tape measure and correct the corresponding length on the automatic cable-cutting machine. After the correction, measure again until the error is within 2cm. 4. When changing the optical cable, the length of the optical cable needs to be reset, measured, and corrected.



1. Ensure that the index of the barometer is at 5, and immediately turn the emergency stop switch when the optical cable does not automatically transmit or the machine alarms.

Cable Cutting 07
  1. Before cutting the cable, confirm the optical cable’s type, color, and length and close the cable cover. Pay attention to the set speed, the transmission, and the cable tightness adjustment switch to ensure that the reel optical cable will not be too tight or loose.
  2. When pulling out the optical cable, wait for the cable tray to stop and then quickly pull out the optical cable.
  3. It is necessary to measure the actual length with a tape measure and make corrections to prevent batch errors.
  4.  If the machine fails and cannot be resolved, it must be reported immediately.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further questions, next article we’ll share the Glue adjustment and sub-assembly process with you!

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