How Many Types of LC Uniboot Connectors Do You Know?

Uniboot LC 1
(Last Updated On: August 1, 2023)

A standard housing wraps two LC connectors with one boot, and it’s terminated on a round, two-fiber cable to achieve duplex data transmission with 2.0mm or 3.0mm cable, this is LC Uniboot Patch Cord.

Uniboot LC 01

Why is it Popular in the Market?

As network technology continues to advance, there is an increasing need for data centers to accommodate higher densities of fiber optic cables and more bandwidth. However, space in data centers is often limited, and how to deal with these bulky cables becomes a critical issue in this case. LC Uniboot patch cords can reduce cable management by up to 50% compared to standard LC patch cords Space. It’s a perfect solution to this problem.

How Many Types of Uniboot LC Fiber Optic Connectors are in the Market?

In recent years, to solve the problem of reducing the space for optical cable management, brand companies worldwide have continuously increased their investment in research and development of this product. So until now, there are no less than ten styles of LC Uniboot connectors, and they are still being further developed and increased. How to choose so many different types, and where are their differences?

So far, the common LC Uniboots on the market are mainly divided into three types:

1. Standard LC Uniboot Connector

This is the earliest Uniboot connector style, which is rarely used in the market.

LC Uniboot 02

2. Reverse Polarity LC Uniboot Connector—with a few simple steps, the connector’s polarity of the LC uniboot fiber patch cables can be reversed without connector re-termination.

LC Uniboot 03

3. Pull Push Tab LC Uniboot Connector

Pull-Push connector facilitates smooth and easy removal on high-density patch panels, it can also switch AB polarity. But it needs to be disassembled, which is not very convenient as the above reverse polarity type.

LC Uniboot 04

Because of its strong operability and ease of use, the Reverse Polarity LC Uniboot Connector is currently the most popular style. Many brand companies have designed different types. Although the appearances are different, the main functions are the same and can be used for polarity reversal.

But because of the price factor, the promotion and use of this kind of Uniboot connector are still relatively limited compared with other standard connectors. With the decline in cost, this type of product will show explosive growth in the next 3-5 years.

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