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How to Distinguish Between Fiber Terminal Box and Junction Box?

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(Last Updated On: April 25, 2023)

As the installed fiber grows, managing optical transport networks become more complex. There are many factors to consider during fiber optic cabling. To handle a large number of optical fibers with lower cost and higher flexibility, various optical junction boxes are widely used to connect and arrange optical fibers. Sometimes people confuse the Terminal box and the junction box because of their similar appearance and function. If you always can’t tell the difference between the two, please stick to the end.

What is the Fiber optic Terminal Box?

The terminal box is a fiber management product used to distribute and protect optical fiber links in FTTH networks. It is small, so it is considered a mini version of the optical distribution frame or optical distribution frame (ODF). The number of ports of fiber optic junction boxes ranges from 8 ports to 96 ports, and you can choose the correct junction box according to your fiber optic cable needs.

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The fiber optic terminal box is the terminal connector of the fiber optic cable, one end is the fiber optic cable, and the other is the tail of the fiber optic cable. This is equivalent to a user’s cable terminal box. It needs to split the cable into a separate optical fiber device and install it on the wall. Its role is to provide fusion between different optical fibers and fusion between optical fibers and pigtails. And the transmission of fiber optic connectors. It also provides mechanical and environmental protection for the fiber and its components and allows for proper inspections to maintain the highest standards of fiber management.


The fiber optic terminal box includes the outer shell, internal components (support frame, fixed fiber tray, clamp), and fiber optic connector protection components. In the fiber optic terminal box, insulation is always required between the cable metal parts and the cable junction box housing to provide storage space for the electrical paper terminal and the remaining optical fiber.

Advantages of Fiber Optic Terminal Boxes

There are several benefits to using junction boxes over any other type, and the following are the main ones that drive people to choose them in the first place.

  • Prominent advantages are effective cable fixation in fiber optic machinery and highly welded protection.
  • Easy access, convenient installation on different occasions
  • Provides protective connections for fiber optic cables and pigtails
  • It has sufficient impact resistance and is fixed with a fixed box
  • Various installation methods

It uses a copper alloy with the same expansion coefficient as the wire. This is very important on a broader scale as it helps stop any damage due to temperature changes leading to fires.

What is a Junction Box?

A junction box is a small metal or plastic box that houses electrical connections. It is part of the electrical conduit wiring system in a building and protects electrical connections from weather and accidental electric shock. It is designed to be embedded within the ceiling floor or hidden behind a panel, especially in commercial or residential buildings. Sometimes they are embedded in plaster walls, so only the cover is visible outside. They are also expandable and can always have room for more connections later on when the need arises.

Junction Box2

Advantages of Junction Boxes

Junction boxes are the most common type of electrical connection. Let’s see what the advantages of using it are!

  • They are easy to install, and even anyone with basic knowledge of electrical wiring can operate them.
  • The junction box is expandable, and more connections can be added at any time without reorganizing the natural thing or removing it from the wall
  • .Junction boxes are a major part of electrical system protection where circuit integrity must be granted for emergency or power lines or wiring between nuclear reactors or control rooms.
  • Good grounding treatment and a good safety feature make it an ideal electrical box for use in places with more residences. It is designed within the ceiling floor or hidden behind panels, especially in commercial or residential buildings.
  • They are made of strong materials that protect the internal wiring from elements that cause problems.
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How to Install the Fiber Optic Terminal Box?

Fiber optic junction boxes must be installed as close to the work area as possible to avoid unnecessary cable lengths. You can use optical splitters and fiber optics with shorter cables for network connections if longer distances are required.

You should install the fiber optic enclosure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Considering factors such as lighting, temperature control, safety requirements, and terminal connections would be best. You can hire professional installers to help install or maintain fiber optic termination boxes.

The optical fiber terminal box is an essential part of the FTTH network. This device is responsible for the transmission and distribution of optical signals. To ensure the proper functioning of the terminal box, it should be appropriately installed and maintained regularly. This will help avoid damage or loss of signal.


How to install Junction Box?

Junction boxes protect wires from damage, prevent electrical shock, and stop sparks from igniting nearby flammable materials. So how to install it? First, you need to strip the ends of all the wires inside the box. To complete the circuit, tie together wires of the same color and secure them in place with wire nuts. Be sure to take proper precautions so your home will be safely powered for many years.

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Knowing the difference, choosing a Terminal Box or Junction Box depends on your immediate needs and the nature of the facility in which you plan to run your wiring. The bottom line here is that they’re all pretty good for what they’re designed to do. To access more information on their other features, please visit our website: www.holightoptic.com 

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