(Last Updated On: September 25, 2023)
  • MPO CASSETE 12Fibers

Plug and Play Ultra-thin MPO/MTP Cassette 12 Fibers



Light Weight & Slim Design;
Compact design protects the inner fibers effectively ;
Tool-less installation with elastic handle;
Enough internal space promise a bend radius.


Data Centers;
FTTx Systems;
Optical Distribution Frame;
Enterprise End.

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It is designed for 1U 144 Fibers Ultra High-density Patch panel, you can mount the cassette in the rack enclosures, and this scalable design can grow with your network system. At the same time, Our Plug and play Ultra-thin MPO cassette offer 12-Fiber MPO/MTP adapter on the rear of the units routed to duplex LC adapters on the front patch field, which interconnect with high-density fiber cable assemblies for multiple applications.


Plug and Play Ultra thin MPO Cassette 12 Fibers1
Plug and Play Ultra thin MPO Cassette 12 Fibers2