(Last Updated On: September 26, 2023)
  • Mini tube FBT Splitter 900um 1x2 p01
  • Mini tube FBT Splitter 900um 1x2 p02
  • Mini tube FBT Splitter 900um 1x2 p03
  • Mini tube FBT Splitter 900um 1x2 p04
  • Mini tube FBT Splitter 900um 1x2 p05

Mini tube FBT Splitter 0.9mm 1xN

The Fused Biconic Taper (FBT) coupler, also called the FBT splitter, is to bundle together two or more optical fibers and then pulls the cone machine to melt stretching. Real-time monitoring of the change of the ratio and spectral ratio requirements after melt stretching, one side retains a single fiber (the rest of the cut) as input, and the other end is a multi-channel output.


· FTTX Systems
· LAN, WAN and Metro Networks
· CATV Networks
· Analog/Digital Passive Optical Networks
· Other applications in fiber optic systems

· Low insertion loss and low PDL
· Wide operating wavelength range
· Compact design
· High reliability
· High channel counts
· Wide operating temperature range
· Customized packaging and configuration

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Parameter 1×2 1×3 1×4 1×6 1×8 1×12 1×16 1×24 1×32 1×48 1×64 1×128
Insertion loss(dB) 3.9 6.1 7.2 9 10.2 12.5 13.5 15.5 16.8 18.4 20.1 23.8
Uniformity(dB) ≤0.4 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.6 ≤0.8 ≤1.0 ≤1.0 ≤1.5 ≤1.5 1.8 ≤1.8 ≤2.5
loss (dB)
≤0.25 ≤0.25 ≤0.25 ≤0.25 ≤0.25 ≤0.3 ≤0.3 ≤0.3 ≤0.3 ≤0.4 ≤0.35 ≤0.35

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Please Note: Each fiber patch cable is 100% optically inspected and tested for insertion loss before you receive it.

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