(Last Updated On: September 15, 2023)
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LC/UPC Single mode Plug-in Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuator, Male/Female

Our single-mode fixed fiber optic attenuators offer low reflection, high mode stability and a variety of attenuation values.


· Telecommunication Networks
· Data Networks
· Video & CATV

· Bellcore Compliant
· Durability (well over 100mw)
· Wavelength Independent (DWDM)
· Simple and Reliable Structure

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LC/UPC M/F Single mode Fiber Attenuator, Fixed Type

The LC/UPC Single mode Plug-in Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuator is necessary to prevent over saturating an optical receiver when the optical power is too high. Using attenuator will ensure low bit error rates and prevent damage to receiving components.

Fiber Connector LC/UPC
Transfer Mode Single mode
Connector Gender Fixed Male to Female
Attenuation Range 0-25dB
Attenuation Accuracy ±0.5dB(1dB-10dB)


Available Wavelengths 1310nm,1550nm,1310&1550nm
Wavelength Dependence <0.3dB Change in insertion loss for 1310-1550nm
Return Loss ≥50dB(UPC)


Polarization Dependent Loss ≤0.2dB
Temperature Range -40-80°C(≤0.2dB in insertion loss)
Humidity Range +/-0.2dB Change in 10% to 90% relative Humidity Range
Vibration ≤0.1dB Change between 10Hz to 55Hz
Drop +/-0.2dB after 8 drops from 1.8meters onto a hard surface
Maximum Optical Input Power 200mW

Product Highlights

Polarization Dependent Loss
Maximum Optical Input Power
0dB (MAX)
Attenuation Range(0-25)
Attenuator LC M F AT01135P Drawing