(Last Updated On: September 20, 2023)
  • IP67 OptiTap Outdoor Fast Connector Mini SCAPC 01
  • IP67 OptiTap Outdoor Fast Connector Mini SCAPC 02
  • IP67 OptiTap Outdoor Fast Connector Mini SCAPC 03

IP67 OptiTap Outdoor Fast Connector Mini SC/APC



  • FTTA and Other Outdoor ;
  • FTTH Connection;
  • All IP67 Waterproof .


  • Rugged Design;
  • Installs without Special Tools;
    Various Fiber Lengths Available;
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating;
    Eliminates Indoor ONT Transmission Needs;
  • Smaller Profile and Tighter Bend Radius;
  • Compatible with Many Different Types of Cables;
  • Meets Industry Standards for Existing FTTx Installations;
  • Provides Bending Damage Protection for Installation and Long-Term Use.
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SC APC Singlemode Field Mountable Fast Connector

IP67 OptiTap Outdoor Fast Connector is a waterproof reinforced connector, which provides a strong and sealed connection solution for fiber-to-the-home ( FTTH ) connections. It can be used with 2*3.0mm, 2*5.0mm flat drop cables, Use with round 3.0mm cable and round 5.0mm lead-in cable. Field assembly can be easily done when the MINI SC connector is defective.

Fiber Type Single Mode
Fiber Diameter 125μm (652&657)
Coating Diameter 250μm
Cable Scope 2*3.0mm, 2*5.0mm flat drop cable, round 3.0mm cable, round 2.0mm drop cable
Insertion Loss ≤ 0.3dB(1310nm & 1550nm)
Return Loss ≥ 50dB for UPC, ≥ 55dB for APC
Durability(500 times) IL ≤ 0.3dB
Drop Test(4m concrete floor, once each direction, three times total) IL ≤ 0.3dB
On-line Tensile Strength Test (20 N) IL ≤ 0.3dB
Reusable Times >10 times
Success Rate >98%
Operation Time about 30s(exclude fiber presetting)
Temperature -40 ~ +85 C
Reusable Times >10 times

Quality Certification

Quality and standards are the foundation of HOLIGHT. We are dedicated to providing customers with the outstanding, standards-compliant products and services.
HOLIGHT has passed many quality system verification, like CE, RoHS, established an internationally standardized quality assurance system and strictly implemented standardized management and control in the course of design, development, production, installation and service.

Please Note: Each fiber adapter is 100% optically inspected and tested for insertion loss before you receive it.


Our Test Assured Program
Take a look at our fiber patch cable test program and see what truly sets us apart

Product Highlights

Low insertion loss and good durability
Good repeatability and changeability
Excellent temperature stability (MAX)