(Last Updated On: September 7, 2023)
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HTO9-CPM250 High Quality Mini Fiber Optic cleaner Pen for SC/ST/FC/E2000 2.5mm Ferrules (800+ cleans)

Applicable for cleaning both connectors and adapters with action. Dry cleaning without any alcohol and other harsh chemicals. Recycle clean times up to 800+

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HTO9-CPM250 Mini Cleaner Pen features a specially designed cleaning tip that effectively removes dust, dirt, oil, and other contaminants from the end faces of 2.5mm ferrules. With its mini size and lightweight design, this cleaner pen is highly portable and convenient to carry. It is ideal for field technicians, network engineers, and anyone working with fiber optic connections that require SC, ST, FC, or E2000 connectors.

Mini type is useful when the work space is limited and it is difficult for workers to access to adapters.

· Cleans the ferrule endface inside an adapter or connectors on jumpers by making full use of guide cap.
· Refrains from transmission error or endface damage by dirty endface.
· Comfortable and user friendly design with one click cleaning.


Target use SC/ST/FC/E2000
Shell color Orange
Polish type APC/UPC
No. of cleanings ≥ 800 times
Cleaning Method Dry (cleaning cloth, without chemical or solvent.)
Dimensions (mm) 110*30*18