Project Description

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2022)

Fiber access terminal splitter box

Can install 16 Mini SC adapters and 16 pigtails

P/N: HTB8055


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The HTB8055 series adopts the Fast Connect technology, which makes FTTH deployment and maintenance efficient and convenient. The products for splicing, distribution, and optical splitting of distribution and drop cables. The HTB8055 are outdoor devices that output 8 and 16 pre-connected drop cables respectively at the user access nodes. When the HTB8055 is equipped with 1:8 or 1:16 splitters, it can be deployed at an optical distribution node.

• Drop cable Plug-and-play, requiring no splicing
• No need to open the box when connecting the FastConnect drop cables
• UV-blocking high-performance materials
• Wall-mounting, pole-mounting, and aerial installation modes
• Separated splicing and distribution design
• Material: PC+ABS, wet-proof/water-proof/dust-proof/anti-aging
• Faster cable routing and sealing module make installation efficient
• IP65 protection for drop cables with FastConnect connectors
• Outstanding quake-proof performance thanks to aviation connectors


ITEM Environmental requirement
Working temperature -40℃~+85℃
Relative humidity ≤85%(+30℃)
Main technical datasheet
Insertion loss ≤0.15dB
APC return loss ≥60dB
Thunder-proof technical datasheet
The insulation resistance between the grounding device and the metal parts of the box
is no less than 2 MΩ/500V(DC);IR≥2 MΩ/500V The voltage resistance between
the grounding device,and the box and its metal parts is no less than
3000V(DC)/min, no puncture,no flashover;U≥3000V


Model Max Capacity Max Mini SC Adapter Into the largest cable diameter(mm)
HTB8055 16*SC/APC 16 18
HTB8055-16SCAP 16*SC/APC 16 18

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