(Last Updated On: September 21, 2023)

HFP8005 Indoor Fiber Faceplate: Seamless FTTX Network Connectivity Solution

Upgrade your FTTX network with ease using the versatile HFP8005 Indoor Fiber Faceplate. This reliable faceplate ensures seamless connections between drop cables and ONU devices through the fiber port. Choose from the 4-core or 8-core capacity options to meet your specific needs. With support for various connection methods such as splicing, mechanical connection, and FMC, installation and optimization become simple tasks.

P/N: HFP8005


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Enhance Your Network Performance:

  • Telecommunication networks: Boost your network’s performance with the HFP8005 Indoor Fiber Faceplate.

  • Metropolitan area networks: Establish seamless connections within metropolitan area networks using this reliable faceplate.
  • Optical fiber communication systems: Ensure smooth and efficient communication across your optical fiber network with the HFP8005 faceplate.

Improve Accessibility and Speed:

  • Optical fiber broadband access networks: Enhance accessibility and speed within your optical fiber broadband network using the HFP8005 faceplate.
  • FTTH optical fiber: Make the HFP8005 faceplate your go-to solution for reliable connections in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks.

Simplify Fiber Distribution:

  • Optical fiber distribution frames: Simplify fiber distribution with the HFP8005 faceplate, suitable for both frame-type and wall-type optical fiber distribution units.


Versatile Compatibility:

  • The HFP8005 faceplate is compatible with a wide range of modules, making it suitable for the working area subsystem.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:

  • Effortlessly set up and remove the HFP8005 faceplate with its embedded surface frame design.
  • Ensure cleanliness and protection with the faceplate’s built-in protective door.

Flexible Module Options:

  • Choose from a selection of fiber SC & LC simplex, duplex, and other installed or flush plates to meet your specific requirements.

Convenient Cable Management:

  • Enable cable connections without the need for cutting, thanks to the HFP8005 faceplate.
  • Efficiently manage your cables using the included express port.

Weld-Free and Field-Friendly:

  • The HFP8005 faceplate features modules that are weld-free, allowing for easy placement, especially in field construction scenarios.

Upgrade your FTTX network with the reliable and convenient HFP8005 Indoor Fiber Faceplate. Experience seamless connections and effortless installation. Contact us today to learn more about this high-quality solution.


Application 3.0 x 2.0 mm drop cable or indoor cable
Fiber diameter 125μm ( 652 & 657 )
Tight cladding diameter 250μm & 900μm
Mode of application Single mode & duplex mode
Tensile strength >50 N
End-use temperature -40~+85℃
Adapter SC & LC
Insertion loss ≤0.2dB(1310nm & 1550nm)
output 4
Size(A×B×C ) 101*81*29 mm
Installation Size D 78mm


Model Adapter Amount Capacity(Core)
HFP8005 4
HFP8005-4SA SC/APC Simplex 4 4
HFP8005-4SU SC/UPC Simplex 4 4
HFP8005-8LU LC/UPC Duplex 4 8
HFP8005-8LA LC/APC Duplex 4 8