(Last Updated On: October 14, 2022)

FOSC-DHS-6013 Fiber Optic Splice Closure – Dome Heat Shrinkable Sealing

Max splicing capacity(Single fiber) 96 cores.

P/N: FOSC-DHS-6013

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FOSC-DHS-6013 Fiber Optic Splice Closure have four alone round-port and one oval port. Fit for the straight-through and branching of the aerial,wall-mount and direct bury application of the fiber cable. It is reentry box which is made of PC or PP material. The shells and the base are sealed by silicon gum. And, the entry ports are sealed by heat-shrinkable tubes. This product can reentry and use again after it be opened.


Dimension(mm) Φ210×440
Max. capacity(Single fiber) 96
Weight(kg) 3.0
Cable Diameter (mm) Φ7-Φ21
Cables Entry & Exit 3 inlet & 3 outlet
Max Capacity of Cores Per Splice Tray 24 ( Single )
Max Capacity of Splice Trays/ Closure 4
Sealing Structure of Cable Entry Port Heat-shrinkable Sealing Structure
Sealing Structure Silicon Gum Material

Transportation and Storage
(1) The package of this product adapts to any transportation ways. Avoid collision, drop, direct shower of rain & snow and insolation.
(2) Keep the product in a draughty and dry store, without corrosive gas in.
(3) Storage Temperature Range: -40℃ ~ +60℃


Splice Protective Tube Type Quanity
Hanging Hook Aerial-hanging or wall-mount 1 Pair
Cables Ties Nylon 4×Splice Tray
Heat-shrinkable Tube Φ28×170(mm) 4 PCS
Heat-shrinkable Tube Φ65×170(mm) 1 PC
Branch Block 1 PC
Marking Note Non-dry Glue 4×Fiber Core
Aluminum foil Paper 70×100 2 pieces
Abrasive paper 30×100 1 PC
Fiber heat-shrinkable sleeve Allocated by the number of core
Fiber protection tube PVC Allocated by the number of trays