(Last Updated On: April 13, 2022)

FOSC-DHS-6011 Fiber Optic Splice Closure – Dome Heat Shrinkable Sealing

Max splicing capacity(Single fiber) 24 cores.

P/N: FOSC-DHS-6011

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The FOSC-DHS-6011 Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure are closures which accommodate the joint part of the cable, that can be used in manhole, in handhole, aerial-hanger, wall-mounting or be directly buried. Each splice case has three Cable Entry Ports.
The box is made from the high-quality PC and with the mechanical Sealing Structure filled with Silicon Gum Material. It can be opened after sealing and can be reused


Dimension(mm) Φ85×330
Max. capacity(Single fiber) 12( Single )/24 ( Single )
Weight(kg) 1.5
Cable Diameter (mm) Φ7-Φ19
Cables Entry & Exit 2 & 2
Max Capacity of Cores Per Splice Tray 6( Single )/12 ( Single )
Max Capacity of Splice Trays/ Closure 2
Sealing Structure of Cable Entry Port Heat-shrinkable Sealing Structure
Sealing Structure Silicon Gum Material

Transportation and Storage
(1) The package of this product adapts to any transportation ways. Avoid collision, drop, direct shower of rain & snow and insolation.
(2) Keep the product in a draughty and dry store, without corrosive gas in.
(3) Storage Temperature Range: -40℃ ~ +60℃


Splice Protective Tube According to the fiber cores
Hanging Hook 1 Set
Cables Ties 3×100(mm) 4×Splice Tray
Heat-shrinkable Tube Φ50×150(mm) 1 PCS
Heat-shrinkable Tube Φ28×150(mm) 2 PCS
Branch Block 1 PCS
Marking Note (Non-dry Glue) 4×Fiber Core
Splice Protective Tube According to the fiber cores
Hose Clamp Φ8-Φ16(mm) 4 PCS