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(Last Updated On: April 24, 2022)

Armored Cable Slitter 8-28.6mm

The Tool is designed to work on jacketed or jacketed and armored multi-fiber cable.Their main purpose is to gain midspan access to fiber optic conductors by slitting the outer jacket or jacketed and armored on the above cables.The tool is designed with a precision adjustable blade to avoid damage to the fibers.The cable outer diameter range is noted below.The blade can be set up to .215″(5.5mm) deep for each model.



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1. Determine cable construction
Multi-fiber cable construction may have a strength member that is internal and adjacent to the fibers or external and adjacent to the armor and jacket.To avoid tool damage,first determine the cable construction.

2. Set the blade
The tool will be shipped with the slitting blade retracted.With a sample piece of cable as a guide,the cutting blade depth setting can be made.The bottom of the thumb knob “A” has a slotted set screw that adjusts the blade height as it is turned.The bottom of the thumb knob also has 10 graduations.Each full turn of the adjusting screw amounts to .042″ of blade travel.In turn,each graduation equals .0042″ of blade adjustment.When the blade is set properly,the tool will create a “zipper” sound on armored cable.Avoid setting blade too deep so to protect underlying layers.

3. Tool operation
Follow steps 1-6 for cable with internal or external strength member.(LONGITUDINAL CUT)
① Loosen black thumb knob “A” completely,rotate the blade assembly to the longitudinal position.(the picture shows blade set for radial cut)
② Place cable in tool opening.Adjust the roller with yellow thumb knob “B” for a snug fit.
③ Tighten black thumb knob down to position blade for longitudinal cuts.
④ Pull the tool down the length of cable to be stripped. If working on an external strength member cable with a “lay”, the tool will follow the hardened strength members and slightly spiral down the cable. Allow the tool to follow the strength member.
⑤ Loosen black thumb knob and rotate the tool 180° about the cable. Te-tighten black knob and perform second longitudinal cut.
⑥ The cable is now ready to be split open with pliers or screwdriver and trimmed. Stop at step 6 for cables with external strength members.

Armored Cable Slitter instruction_p1

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