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  • Armored Fiber Optic Cable 11 transformed
  • Armored Fiber Optic Cable 51 transformed
  • Armored Fiber Optic Cable  31
  • Armored Fiber Optic Cable  31
  • Armored Fiber Optic Cable  61

2-6 Core Armored Fiber Optic Cable



  • Tight buffer fiber with single strength member and sheath to overcome the effect of bad environment and Mechanical stress;
  • The low smoke and low halogen flame retardant sheath has the characteristics of fire prevention and self-extinguishing and is suitable for indoor environments such as computer rooms, cable shafts, and indoor wiring;
  • LSZH sheath, UV, Waterproof mildew, ESCR, No acid gas release,non-corrosive room equipment, suitable for indoor and outdoor use or need a high flame-retardant grade of the indoor environment (such as wiring in the ceiling, open wire cabling, etc.);
  • Steady performance both in extremely high and low temperature;
  • Excellent geometrical dimension of the fiber.


  • MDF Communication;
  • FTTH Wiring System;
  • FTTT;
  • National Defence Communication;
  • Field Communication;
    Sensor System.
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Armored fiber optic cable is made up of numerous layers to keep it safe. Rodents, abrasion, and twist are all protected by the plastic outer jacket. Then, between the optic fibers and the outer jacket, a light steel tube provides better protection for the fibers in the center.


Fiber Type O.D of Metal Tube Cable O.D. Cable Weight(KG/KM)
Simplex φ1.75±0.05mm 2.9mm 15.5
Duplex φ1.4±0.025mm 2.9X5.8mm 23
Duplex Flat Twin φ0.925±0.025mm 3.8mm 14.5
6 Core φ2.7±0.03mm 4.5mm 30.5