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What is the Fiber Optic Patch Cord Management Process of Holight?

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(Last Updated On: April 27, 2023)

New customers often ask us, what is the production process of your Fiber Optic Patch Cord and other relative Fiber Optic products? Why should we trust your company? How do you control product quality? We hope this sharing will help you better understand our company.

1. Production Management Process

When we receive the order, the merchandiser will make a production task list for the colleagues in the warehouse and the production department. The warehouse will confirm whether there is an inventory of related raw materials the first time. If there is, the warehouse will prepare all the raw materials according to the task list. Let the production department arrange the production schedule and report the delivery time to the sales department; if there is no or insufficient inventory, the warehouse colleagues will list the required raw materials and hand them over to the colleagues in the purchasing department to arrange for immediate purchase.


2. Incoming Quality Control

After receiving the raw materials, our warehouse and quality department colleagues will test the quantity and quality of the incoming materials. If the test fails, they will return them to the manufacturer directly; if the test is qualified, the warehouse will prepare the raw materials required for the order and send them to the production department.


3. Rework Handle Process

During the production process, the quality inspector will conduct a 100% inspection of all semi-finished and finished products, analyze the products with quality problems and return them to the relevant product lines for rework.


4. The Production Process Control

After the production of the goods is complete, the quality department will conduct a 100% inspection of all the goods again. After the check is done, they will be packaged by colleagues in the shipping department, and then they will arrange the delivery according to the channel selected by the customer.


The above is our entire product management process. Mistakes in production are inevitable, but under the guidance and supervision of such a complete set of systematic methods, the collaboration of various departments has been effectively improved, and product quality problems have been significantly reduced. Of course, in addition to these, we also have very strict requirements for the specific production operations of each product. If you are interested, please follow us, and we will tell you more about the production of optical fiber products!

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