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As one of the professional manufacturers of fiber optic products, we are focused on producing Fiber Optic Connectors, Fiber Optic Patch Cords, Fiber Optic Adapters, Fiber Optic Attenuators, FTTH Terminal Box, Fiber Splitter and so on.

With high-quality raw materials, advanced manufacturing equipment, and highly skilled workers, we ensure every piece of our products is of excellent quality, has good packing, and has the fastest lead time. Because we fully understand our success is dependent on our customers’ satisfaction, we are always ready to try our best to maintain the customer’s loyalty. You can truly count on our commitment to excellence.

Please kindly feel free to browse our website and do not hesitate to Contact US for further information, thanks in advance for your support!

Our Philosophy

Our company name “Holight” is made up of Honesty, Belief, and Righteousness, we will always keep this business philosophy in mind! Through this robust philosophy, we are confident that our company will remain invincible in the intense market competition and keep developing, growing, and marching toward success and splendor.

Our Value

How can we benefit you?

Special discount: we will provide a 3-5% discount for new customers who cooperate with us for the first time, which is convenient for you to understand our products and services. Except that, we will do our best to give a competitive price for large orders and strive to win the order together.

One-stop service, save Your Time: we will provide a one-stop service. After the order is confirmed, we will go ahead and arrange the rest of the production, quality inspection, packaging, and delivery according to your requirements and keep you informed of the progress of the goods in time.

Stable prices: Uncertain factors such as raw materials, artificial increases, inflation, and exchange rate fluctuations always affect our costs. We will promise that all quotations will have a validity period of 3-6 months to alleviate the impact of the external environment on the project program.

Production Process for Standard Patch Cord

Production Process for Standard Patch Cord

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Gateway to HOLIGHT: Gaining Deeper Insights into Company and Product Information Through FAQs

Is MTP better than MPO?2023-09-18T18:07:28+08:00

MTP and MPO connectors have distinct advantages based on the specific needs of the application. MTP connectors excel in high-performance and reliability, while MPO connectors are favored for high-density situations where space is limited. In essence, the choice between MTP and MPO depends on the specific requirements of the connectivity scenario.

Is MTP better than MPO?
What is the difference between MPO male and MPO female?2023-09-18T18:04:35+08:00

The key difference between MPO male and MPO female connectors is their design. MPO connectors come in both male (with pins) and female (with guiding holes) versions. To ensure proper mating and prevent damage, it’s crucial to match male connectors with female connectors when connecting MPO cables. This ensures continuity and maintains the integrity of the connection.

What is the difference between MPO male and MPO female?
What is the difference between Type A and Type B MPO?2023-09-18T17:57:45+08:00

The main difference between Type A and Type B MPO connectors lies in how they align the fiber positions. In Type A connectors, the fibers maintain a straight-through configuration, with Position 1 on one end aligning with Position 1 on the other end. In contrast, Type B connectors have a crossed configuration, where Position 1 on one end aligns with Position 12 on the other end. This crossed arrangement in Type B results in a reversal of the fiber positions at each end, which is a key distinction between the two types.

What is the difference between Type A and Type B MPO?
What are the different types of MPO patch cords?2023-09-18T17:54:32+08:00

The primary difference between Type A and Type B MPO connectors lies in their key orientation. Type A connectors have a key up on one side and a key down on the mating connector, maintaining a straight-through fiber configuration. On the other hand, Type B trunk cables use key up connectors on both ends, resulting in a crossed array mating, where fiber positions are reversed at each end.

What are the different types of MPO patch cords?

Real-life results

We Generate Results for Our Customers

We generate results for our customers

HOLIGHT has completely won us over with their outstanding products and service. We’ve approached them for custom-made requests multiple times, and each time they’ve come through with fantastic solutions. The technical service team’s speed and expertise are truly praiseworthy. Their commitment to quality and efficiency has solidified our decision to maintain a long-lasting business relationship. Top marks to the HOLIGHT team!

Michael Turner

Michael Turner

We generate results for our customers

Our business often requires custom solutions, and HOLIGHT has proven to be our go-to partner. Their ability to consistently provide effective solutions at reasonable prices is commendable. Their technical service is truly a standout – rapid responses and a wealth of experience. We’re not just satisfied; we’re excited to nurture a long-term partnership with HOLIGHT. Their professionalism is amazing.

Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker

I’m beyond impressed with my recent purchase experience at HOLIGHT. From start to finish, everything was seamless. The ordering process was a breeze, and the product I received not only met but exceeded my expectations. The price was unbeatable for the quality of the item. I must say, the combination of great service, reasonable prices, and top-notch quality has made me a loyal customer. Keep up the fantastic work!

Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson

HOLIGHT has won me over with their remarkable range of products. I’ve made a comprehensive purchase across their collection, and the quality is consistently excellent. Their sales team deserves a special shoutout for their unparalleled support throughout the buying process. I’m genuinely content with my purchases and the overall experience. Kudos to HOLIGHT for setting the bar so high!

Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson

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